The novel coronavirus that apparently originated in Wuhan, China is showing no signs of ending even after fourteen months of its outbreak. In the initial months of the outbreak, healthcare experts revealed that throat pain, cough, and mild fever are the classic signs of infection. And now, a new study conducted by Spanish researchers has suggested that there could be more indications the human body might be showing after getting infected.

Changes in tongue, hands, and feet

According to the Spanish study, changes to the tongue, hands, and soles of the feet could be an early indication of COVID-19 infection. Researchers who took part in the study made this conclusion after analyzing 666 patients with coronavirus infection at Madrid's IFEMA field hospital set up during the initial wave of the pandemic.

Creatives coronavirus

One in four participants who were part of this study revealed that they noticed changes to their tongue, while four out of 10 claimed to have spotted unusual signs on their palms of hands, and soles of feet.

Researchers noted that another common symptom of coronavirus was a burning sensation and redness on the palms or soles of the feet. In some cases, this burning sensation was followed by the appearance of small blemishes. 

Coronavirus killing spree continues


It was during the summer peak of COVID-19 that US immunologist Anthony Fauci called coronavirus ''a perfect storm with no end in near sight.'' The recent statistics of coronavirus indicate that the words of Fauci have turned true. According to the latest update, there are more than 100 million positive cases in the world, and the death toll has crossed 21,69,400. 

With more than 26 million positive cases and over 4,35,000 deaths, the United States continues to top the coronavirus chaos chart, followed by India where there are 10 million positive cases.