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The alien-human connection has perhaps reached that extent where in realism scientists have now come up with interesting new theories about the possibility of humans sharing the same DNA with extraterrestrials.

A recent study by McMaster University researcher suggests that the idea of aliens resembling humans in actuality may prove to be true in future.

Though no concrete proof has been found yet, the research throws light on how extraterrestrials could resemble humans.

The researcher, Ralph Pudritz, put forward his latest theory based on the existing research about amino acids, which hints that humans and aliens do share some genetic similarities.

"There's a theory that they could be made in the warm interiors of large-enough meteorite," Pudritz told Daily Mail.

"Thermodynamics is fundamental."

Pudritz explained that a human DNA is made of chemical building blocks, 20 types of standard amino acids and of these 20 complex acids, 10 needs less heat and low pressure, hence are able to survive in more hostile environment.

"It would choose which 10 chemicals to use to make more efficient codes, depending on its environment," Pudritz said. "This may implicate a universal structure of the first genetic codes anywhere," he said.

However, he told Daily Mail that "I don't think we can predict anything about that yet," adding, "There most likely would be a difference, but it would depend on its specific environment."

"It must hold through all points of the universe. If you can show there are certain frequencies that fall in a natural way like this, there is an implied universality," he said, adding, "It has to be tested, but it seems to make a lot of sense."