Xiaomi Redmi 1S (Black)
New Software Update now Seeding to Xiaomi Redmi 1S in India; Brings Performance, Battery Life Enhancements and moreXiaomi India

Chinese firm, Xiaomi has reportedly released a new firmware update to the flagship budget smartphone Redmi 1S in India.

Based on customer feedback over the last few weeks, the company has released a new 515 MB firmware v45 (build number: MIUI JHCMIBH45.0) update to Redmi 1S via OTA (Over-The-Air). It brings improvement in user interface, performance, battery life and is also said to resolve heating issues and optimised RAM management for smooth functioning of the phone.

Hugo Barra, company (global operations) head, has also clarified (via official Facebook account) the discrepancies over the Redmi 1S device features related to CPU and battery. He said the device is run by 1.6GHz Snapdragon 400 series quad-core processor – MSM8228, not MSM8226 as shown by some third party apps and also clarified that device is powered by Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Poly) battery, not 'Li-ion' as listed in the company website, the correct information has been updated in product info page of Xiaomi.

"Official change-log:

Issue #1: Heating & battery life

Many users in India tell us that their Redmi 1S gets very hot (sometimes above 45C), particularly in warmer areas of the country. We've improved our thermal control algorithm to better regulate temperature and keep it under 38C in normal usage conditions. In our internal tests as well as with our feedback group, we've found that these changes significantly reduce the device's overall temperature while also improving battery life. We're going to continue to optimise temperature control in future builds so please keep sending us your feedback.

Issue #2: RAM availability

Some users in India have pointed out that background apps are sometimes getting killed more aggressively than they would expect (for example, music player stopping while user is playing a 3D game). We have looked at this closely and made a few significant improvements in how MIUI manages RAM on a 1GB device, which has resulted in noticeable improvements.

Issue #3: UI performance

We also received some feedback from users whose devices were suffering from performance issues such as frame rate drops and UI lag. These issues were particularly prevalent during computationally intensive tasks like gaming. The majority of these problems were a result of CPU throttling due to overheating and lack of RAM availability, which the fixes above have addressed. We will continue to monitor user feedback in this particular area.

[Image credit: Xiaomi India]