Snapchat released some new emoji, including Gold Star and Baby, a few days ago but their meanings were hidden, making many wonder what they actually conveyed. But there seems to be a reason behind it and it appears to be intentional.

The popular message app maker could have intentionally left its newly released emoji unexplained for a big reason -- to garner more publicity. It could be a marketing strategy, as confused and curious users were left with no option but to find its meaning wherever they could.

As expected, users stormed social media, like Facebook and Twitter, to find out its meaning. People discussed the possible meaning of Gold Star and Baby next to name on various forums. They managed to find out what they meant but not before creating lots of hype.

A poster on a Snapchat emoji blog first spotted by iDigitalTimes revealed that a gold star next to their names means they have replayed a Snapchat recently. It doesn't mean a friend has replayed your snaps or you have replayed theirs but their friends replayed snaps of theirs. So, it doesn't invade privacy in any way. 

The report went on to reveal that if a baby emoji is seen next to a person's name, it means you are new friends.

Yellow Heart emoji next to a person's name means you are best friends. You exchange most snaps with the person.

Grimace emoji means you share top best friend with the person.

Smiling face emoji means you are best friends but not number one best friends.

Sunglasses emoji means you share one of your best friends with the person.

Smirking Face emoji means you are one of the best friends of the person but not your best friend.

Fire emoji means you are on a snapstreak. You have been exchanging disappearing snaps on a regular basis.

Red Heart emoji means you have been #1 best friends for two consecutive weeks.

Pink Hearts emoji means you have been #1 best friends for two consecutive months.

Hundred emoji appears next to the fire when you have been on a snapstreak for 100 days with the person.