PlayStation 3 4.50 software features revealedYouTube/PlayStationAccess

The latest Sony PlayStation 3 console system software update for the version 4.50 is now available for the gamers. The update will come with latest security patches, settings, features and other items.

If users already have a 4.50 version, released on 2 Oct. 2013, they do not need to perform any updates. One can check the version of the system software by simple steps.

-Go to Settings tab
-Go to system settings
-System Information

The last software update for PlayStation was released in 27 June 2013 for the version 4.46 and on 25 April 2013 for 4.41, according to the PlayStation's Software update history page.

There is a list of features, which come with the 4.50 software update for PlayStation users. Some of the features included are:

- Users can now select a group of users who wish to see their trophies This can be done by going to PSN > Account Management > Privacy Settings. To change the settings one would have to select "Show Trophies" and one option from the following:

-Friends of Friends
-Friends Only
-No One

One can adjust whether to show the trophies or not for each game. Go to PSN > Trophy Collection for selecting a game, press the triangle button on the controller and select Privacy Settings in the option menu, according to the PlayStation Support page.

-The PS3 will now be able to automatically start on a specified time each day, download content items purchased with other device and download the latest system software and would turn off.

To enable this feature, one needs to Go to Settings > System Settings > Automatic update > On.

Closed Caption Settings have been included to adjust the advanced display method settings. The option will be available under Settings > Video Settings > Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content > Off.

The "PlayStation Network" has been renamed to "PSNSM", states the website.

System Update Steps

One can update the system software by the following three ways.

System Update: 
Requirements - PS3 system, wireless controller, USB Cable, Internet connection
Steps: Settings > System Update > Update via Internet > OK (When the latest update is found)

Update using a PC:
Requirements - PS3 system, Wireless controller, USB cable, PC with internet connection, storage media (memory stick, SD memory card, compact flash) or USB mass storage device such as USB flash drive (at least 168MB free space)
-Create a folder in storage media in which the updates will be saved.
-Create a folder named PS3 in the storage media, within the folder create another folder named "Update."
-Download the update data and save it in "Update" folder. Downloadable data available here.

-Do not turn off the PS3 system
-The power button on the PS3 system front and the PS button in the controller are inactive
-After the download, insert the storage media to PS3 system.
-Select Settings > System Update> Update via storage media > OK after data is found.

Update using Disc Media: 
Requirements - PS3 system, wireless controller, USB cable, A game disc with update data
If the screen prompts the user to update the system to play the game, update the system. Select Yes.

If any of the steps does not work, one can call the PlayStation support and ask for guidance The website also mentions that the update is only available for North American regions.