If your growing kid is interested in technology and wants to learn more about programming, here comes a handy Oracle content catalog. The catalog will help children learn swiftly about programming, robotics and engineering in a fun way.

At its "JavaOne4Kids" event that took place amid the high-activity cloud and software zone in San Francisco, Oracle, in collaboration with Oracle Academy and Devoxx4Kids Oracle, organised several workshops for young innovators.

The workshops focused on topics like Greenfoot, Alice, Minecraft Modding, Java, Python, Scratch, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NAO Robot, Lego Mindstorms and others.

Over 300 students from computer science organisations like "Black Girls Code" as well as local high schools participated in the day-long event.

The event was targeted at children aged between 10 to 18.

"Children have an amazing capacity to absorb technology at an early age. It is critical that they are introduced to it in a fun way that piques their interest so they keep coming back for more," said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

"Our mission is to inspire the next generation of Java developers," added John Fowler, Oracle's executive vice president (systems).

More than 20 workshops such as Oracle Academy's "Building an Arcade Game with Greenfoot" and "Use SQL to Solve a Mystery" were attended by 300 attendees.