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Alright, so from the looks of it the monster hunter movie looks to be shaping up nicely. Wes Anderson's latest video game adaptation stars Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa.

Milla Jovovich plays an original character, Natalie Artemis. She is the heroine of the movie but her character does not appear in the games. Tony Jaa plays the Hunter.

Screen Gems has also released the official plot synopsis for the film: "Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When Lt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her loyal soldiers are transported from our world to the new world, the unflappable lieutenant receives the shock of her life. In her desperate battle for survival against enormous enemies with incredible powers and unstoppable, revolting attacks, Artemis will team up with a mysterious man who has found a way to fight back."

Milla Jovovich previously played Alice, in husband Paiul W.S. Anderson's adaptations of the classic Resident Evil video game series. There are six Resident Evil movies. And some fans agree that it was five films too many. But we are willing to give Anderson a chance as the Resident Evil movies have been profitable budget-wise. And we believe that that is why Capcom is handing Anderson one of their most popular game franchises.

Jaa's Hunter wields a Giant Jawblade, a type of Great Sword, as well as a Great Hunter's Bow. As you can tell from his costume, Hunter's look is obviously patterned after the Field Team Leader from Monster Hunter World.

Jovovich's Artemis has a pair of unidentified Dual Blades on her back, a carving knife on her thigh, and a Slinger on her left arm, a piece of equipment Jovovich showed off in a recent Instagram post.

In a phone interview from the set in South Africa, Monster Hunter director Paul W.S. Anderson told IGN that while Artemis is an original character, her armour, and in turn, all equipment in the movie, is taken directly from the games.

"The beauty of the costumes and the landscapes from the Monster Hunter game really kind of came out in that image," Anderson said of IGN's exclusive photo.

You can check out the photo here:

Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa/ Monster Hunter/ IGN
Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa/ Monster Hunter/ IGN