A brand new Mirror's Edge game – called Mirror's Edge Catalyst – is almost upon us. The game is currently poised for a first look at this year's Gamescom and most of us are convinced that whatever the new footage to be showcased at the event is, it will certainly be the first real gameplay footage for the new game.

As of now, DICE is getting ready with the promised new footage for Mirror's Edge Catalyst for this year's Gamescom event. While we wait until the event is a go, it seems the official Twitter handle for the game has already revealed a short, sort of a teaser, containing gameplay.

The newly released teaser is basically about the story from Faith's point of view and showcases bits and parts of the city that will stand witness to her parkour-based running action. More keen-eyed fans, however, will also note that the gameplay is maintaining a healthy 60 FPS frame rate ratio.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, as of now, is expected to be playable on the show floor and will offer attendees a chance to grab what's probably the first real look at the game, apart from showcasing everything that has changed from the earlier 2008 release.

Catalyst is currently set to feature a massive open world and a story that focuses on Faith's origins. You can check out the new teaser video below.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Gamingbolt]