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Ever since its launch in November, 2012 the MediSafe application developed by Israeli company MediSafe Project LTD has grown into a popular medication reminder app in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Four months after its launch, MediSafe Project users had reported an average self-reported medication adherence rate of 79 percent - twenty-nine points higher than the World Health Organization's estimated average medication adherence of 50 percent, said the company.

"For cholesterol lowering Statins, MediSafe Project users self-reported an adherence rate of 82.25%, and users taking birth control medication self-reported an adherence rate of 89.75% - nearly twenty points higher than the average reported by the National Institutes of Health," the company further said.

One of the striking features of MediSafe is that it allows multiple users to group as a family. For example: Children can register in the app and monitor how well their elderly parents are adhering to their daily pill in-takes. This amazing app also allows the user to make a report of his/her medicine list on to an Excel spread sheet and directly mail it to the doctor and care-takers.

Another interesting feature is that it will remind the user to refill his/her pill box so they can re-stock medicine in advance.

According to current ratings reported in the Google Play and Apple app stores, the MediSafe App has received four and a half stars in Google Play and Apple app stores.  

The Israeli company released latest MediSafe v2.0 in mid-March for Android devices in Google Play and it is expected to release the new iOS version in the Apple app store in June.

However, the app is yet to make its debut on the Windows phone platform.

Key features of MediSafe App include:

  • Simple interface and visually appealing graphics on homescreen.
  • Can sync other family member's profile in to one.
  • Notifies the user even when he/she is asleep.
  • Can make a progress report as an Excel file and mail it to the doctor.
  • Virtual medicine cabinet for users who are under PRN (Pro re nata) medication. Users can record the doses taken for adherence purpose.
  • Enhanced re-fill reminders.