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Apple's all-new iOS 9 has plenty of features and Low Power mode is one of them. The new feature boosts of an iPhone's battery when you are running low on power.

Similar to the Power Savings mode found in Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Low Power mode works by limiting all background activities and reducing the performance of the handset.

If a revelation by MacRumours is to be believed, Low Power mode tends to reduce iPhone's performance by nearly 40 percent, raising concerns about whether or not to avail of the new feature.

MacRumours findings are based on CPU benchmarking results performed on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5S. Since the iOS 9 is yet to be rolled out to general users, MacRumours ran the developer's version of the OS on GeekBench 3 app.

According to the results, the iPhone 6 Plus scored 1606 on single-core processor and 2891 on multi-core test.

However, when Low Power mode was activated on the same handset, the single-core and multi-core scores dropped significantly to 1019 and 1751, respectively.

The publication performed the tests on iPhone 5S to ensure the results are not specific to a particular iPhone model.

The results on the 2014 flagship were also similar, with a score of 1386 on single-core processor and 2511 on multi-core processor when the Low Power mode was off.

However, turning on Low Power mode dropped the scores by almost 40 percent in the iPhone 5S at 816 and 1405 for single-core and multi-core processors, respectively.

What is Low Power Mode in iOS 9 and how does it work?

The Low Power mode in iOS 9 is not forced upon users. In fact, when an iPhone battery drops to 10 to 20 percent, a popup is displayed asking users to activate Low Power mode to extend iPhone's runtime by up to 3 hours.

Users can also ignore the popup and choose to use the iPhone in normal mode.

However, activating Low Power mode will lower CPU speeds and disable multiple background app functions such as Mail Fetch, Background App Refresh, motion effects, and animated wallpapers, MacRumours explained.

Users can choose to use the iPhone in normal speeds without activating Low Power mode, which is also accessible from the Settings menu. The performance upgrade in the iOS 9 is said to significantly improve the iPhone's battery, making Low Power mode just a feature to be used during an emergency. 

Apple iOS 9 is set to be released worldwide this fall.