A new software application, which allows people to post tweets after their death, is currently in development and will be released in March, according to reports.

The new app called 'LivesOn', developed by London-based advertising agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine, will keep a dead person's Twitter account active with regular feeds. 

"When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting" reads the tagline of LivesOn.

The app will analyze and watch out for tweeting trends including the "likes, tastes, syntax". It will also monitor a user's online behaviour and keep posting similar kind of messages after the person ceases to exist.

"There's so much data and information people are posting and sharing about themselves ... And we thought, 'What is this going to mean for us, as a species, in evolutionary terms? What constitutes you? And what will constitute you in the future?'" said Dave Bedwood, creative partner of Lean Mean Fighting Machine, reported Huffington Post. "This could be an early version of the Matrix."

According to The Guardian, the firm is reportedly ready to handle the criticism that may emerge after the release of the LivesOn app. Despite how morbid the app may seem, it would be interesting to see how one can continue to live on in the digital world after death, and how a digital user would react and respond to current trends. The app is the first of its kind to allow dead people have virtual lives through automatic updates on the micro-blogging site.   

But then Bedwood hopes that "as years go by, your LivesOn will become almost like an online twin."