A new video published by the Islamic State (Isis) features several Turkish nationals, asking the terrorist group's supporters in Turkey to oust the "Satan" President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In recent days, Turkey has increased its crackdown on the Isis and to add insult to the injury, the country has now also allowed the United States to use its airbase to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria.

The over seven-minute video features three Isis terrorists, condemning Ankara for colluding with the "ungodly".

In the Isis propaganda video, an unidentified Isis terrorist speaking in Turkish, asks the Turks to revolt against the "atheists and satans" who are slowly handing them over to the "crusaders".

The Isis terrorist then asks its supporters to denounce "secularism and democracy" and instead abide by the laws of Sharia.

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The members of the Sunni terror outfit then give a clarion call to its supporters to conquer Istanbul and rid the land of "secularism, democracy and atheists".

The video clip also contains images of Erdogan meeting with US President Barack Obama and other world leaders.

Turkey, a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato), has in recent months severely cracked down on the Isis inside the country.

Isis, however, continues to have a strong base in Turkey. Just a day before the deadly Suruc attack on 20 July, hundreds of Isis supporters had allegedly held a special Eid prayer at a public park. [Read More]

Similarly, a recent report claimed that the American special operations forces found a "treasure trove" of documents in Syria following a raid at the compound of Abu Sayyaf, a top Isis leader establishing Turkey's link with the terrorist group.