The Islamic State has released a new video showing the execution of a Syrian soldier at the hands of a French-speaking jihadist, who also threatens to 'bring slaughter to France'.

Images from the new video, that were shared online, show a jihadist holding a knife to the prisoner's neck. But he later shoots him dead and throws the body off the cliff, according to Twitter posts by jihad experts and monitoring groups. 

The latest Isis execution video comes days after reports suggested that Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had banned beheading videos claiming that they offend Muslims and children. 

In the new Isis video, the executioner, who speaks in French, threatens to "fill the streets of Paris with corpses", according to the Site Intel Group, which monitors online jihadist activities. 

The Isis video is believed to be from Syria's Hama province, according to a tweet by jihadism researcher Charlie Winter. "So much for no more brutality", Winter tweeted, referring to reports of Baghdadi's diktat on execution videos. 

The new Isis video could raise an alarm in France, which has already seen several terror acts in recent months, the deadliest being the attack on Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris in January. 

Last week, French officials revealed a plot by Isis supporters to behead a military officer at a naval base, after it arrested three youths, one of whom claimed that they had been asked by Isis to 'hit' France.