The Islamic State (Isis) militants released a new execution video on 12 August, Wednesday, showing the beheading of Tomislav Salopek, a Croatian hostage.

In a video released on 5 August, Isis had threatened to execute Salopek, an employee of the French geoscience company CGG, within 48 hours if Egypt fails to release 'Muslim women' held captive in the country's jail. The terror organisation had demanded their release at the earliest to save Salopek's life.

However, Isis had had not clarified who in particular they were referring to.

Social media accounts affiliated to Isis posted several images and videos showing the beheading of Salopek, a married 30-year-old and father of two.

Salopek was kidnapped last month in Cairo by "the soldiers from Wilayat Sinai." (Wilayat Sinai is the Arabic name of the Isis-affiliate group in Egypt.)

It is believed that he was kidnapped while working at the CGG Ardiseis office in Maadi suburb of Cairo.