The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists in a new video have called the Taliban militants in Afghanistan as "deviant" for helping Shia Muslims.

The high-quality video was released on the cloud-based instant messaging service, Telegram. In the video, an Isis leader in Afghanistan, who identified himself as Abu Yasir Al-Afghani says that the Taliban has turned away from the righteous path of Islam and become deviant.

The leaders of Taliban are now working for Pakistan's spy agency - ISI -, it claimed.

Al-Afghani then says that Taliban was now focusing on protecting what is evil. He then lambasts the Taliban for protecting the Shia shines in the region and colluding with Shia country Iran.

The Isis, which is a Sunni militant group, despises the Shia Muslims.

In the video, the Isis leader asks youth in the province of Khorasan to join with Isis since Taliban has lost its path.

"My message to the Muslim of people of the province of Khorasan and to those youth who are fighting in the ranks of the Taliban is that, the doors of the Islamic State is open for you," declared Al-Afghani in the video according to NBC News.

The Isis video has come just days after rumours claimed that the Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansur was dead. It was reported that Mansur has recieved grevious wounds during a gunfight at a Taliban gathering near Quetta in Pakistan last week.

Mansur was declared the Taliban leader in July, but his ascension was contested after some Taliban leaders refused to pledge their loyalty to the new leader. 

Isis in recent months has been expanding its presence in Afghanistan. Earlier last month Isis released photos from its Sheikh Jalaluddin training camp in Afghanistan, where it claimed the group has 1,600 fighters.