Rockstar's latest addition to its illustrious GTA series, GTA 5, has taken the gaming industry by storm. As compared to its first-ever online experience via GTA Online, it seems like fans are more inclined towards doing all sorts of weird things in the single-player version of the game. And talking about weird stuff, nothing's been weirder than the numerous mods pushed out for the game.

Now, keeping the weird quotient of it alive, it seems like modder GTA X Scripting has uploaded a YouTube video showcasing his brand new Iron Man Mark III mod for GTA 5 running on the PC. And going by the looks of it, this is probably one of coolest mods pushed out for the game so far.

As you may expect, the new Iron Man Mark III mod for GTA 5 on PC allows you to put on Iron Man's armour. The video also shows off some of the well-known abilities of Iron Man, like flying, bludgeoning cars and objects in the world, and even firing laser from your hands, super strength and, indeed, rocket launchers.

The description for the new mods states that it will be available for download soon as the modder is still working on the script, armour model of it. You can check out the Iron Man mod gameplay trailer for GTA 5 below.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]