Jaguar XJ

British luxury car brand Jaguar has been doing good progress in sales and product presentation after Tata Motors took over the brand in 2008. The company launched the F-Type sports car and the XE sedan as new products and the XF's new generation has been introduced with changes from head to toe. The only product left to get the new generation treatment is the XJ flagship sedan and latest reports indicate the manufacturer is gearing up to work on the model. 

A report in AutocarUK says the next generation of the XJ will enter the international market by 2019. In 2017-2018, the model will have its debut and will feature new-generation V6 hybrid drivetrain. The new model is expected to get aluminium architecture that was also used in the construction of the XF. The use of aluminium will significantly reduce the weight, which is expected to aid in better acceleration. Additionally, some of the parts will be built in carbon-fibre for weight reduction. 

Being flagship sedan of Jaguar, the new XJ will feature most luxurious interior on par with the BMW 7 Series. The car will be a meeting the latest technical innovations of the Jaguar Land Rover group. The current XJ, which is six years old, got a nip and tuck last year. 

Jaguar currently sells close to 20,000 units of the XJ worldwide. With the new XJ, Jaguar will target at least three fold of current sales. The XJ will be pitted against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series and Audi A8.