Fallout 4 is very real and will be happening very soon. A new Fallout title is always a treat and the upcoming Fallout 4 won't be any different. However, Bethesda has introduced new features and systems into the new game, aside Dogmeat, that will keep us glued to the game on release.

Of all the new details introduced in the upcoming Fallout, what excites us more is the brand new, in-game perks system that we will be treated to with the game when it finally releases. The SPECIAL system in the game allows you to level up your character in a unique way by unlocking Perks in the Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck categories.

Currently, we are concerned about Endurance and Charisma, and here's a detailed guide on what these two unique perks will offer:

Fallout 4 Perks – Charisma and Endurance

Understanding Charisma

Charisma is unique since it's related to your ability to barter and persuade others, apart from the ability to withstand addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and plays quite the role when bartering with other NPCs.

The higher your Charisma, the easier it will be to barter. There will be better chances that you can get higher prices or better deals when you barter. The higher your Charisma, the more success you'll have convincing the NPCs to do your bidding.

You can even use Charisma to stop animals from attacking and convince them to take a different path and do your bidding. Some of the Perks you unlock in the Charisma category include Cap Collector, Lone Wanderer, Attack Dog, Animal Friend and Intimidation.

Lone Wanderer is definitely a Perk you will want to rank up, provided you walk alone. You take 15% less damage and can carry additional weight when you're travelling without a companion once you have this Perk active.

If you rank up Intimidation, you can simply point your gun at any human (below your level) and there's a chance you will appease him so you don't even have to fight.

Understanding Endurance

Endurance basically measures your overall physical fitness. The higher your Endurance, the greater the options that you have for food and nourishment, and even the longer you'll be able to sprint to get places or run away from enemies.

The more Endurance you have, the more HP you'll gather, and the longer you can survive against a group of enemies. Increasing your Endurance and therefore your health points can make it much easier to survive in post-apocalyptic New England.

In the Endurance category, you can unlock several Perks, including Toughness, Lead Belly, Chem Resistant, Cannibal, Solar Powered and more. Toughness, as expected, simply gives you a bonus to damage resistance, while Lead Belly allows you to consume food and other items that would otherwise be harmful to your health.

You'll also be able to develop addictions to various chemicals with Chem Resistant, while Cannibal (as disturbing as it sounds) allows you to harvest human remains for your own personal use. Finally, Solar Powered will give you bonuses when moving outside in the sun.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]