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CBS will not air several shows this Thursday to make way for the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and fans will have to wait till Monday to catch their favourite shows.

This means, several prime time and daytime favourites such as "The Young and the Restless, "Bold and the Beautiful" "The Big Bang Theory," "Mom" and "Elementary" will not air on Thursday. Some of these shows are expected to return to their regular programming schedules by Monday, 23 March.

But the next episode of "The Big Bang Theory" will air only on 2 April.

Understandably, fans aren't too pleased with this change in schedule. But to keep them satiated till their favourite shows return, here are a few spoilers from "The Big Bang Theory and "The Young and the Restless."

"The Big Bang Theory": The upcoming episode will see Sheldon and Leonard on a road trip. The episode is titled "The Skywalker Incursion" and the official synopsis states that the duo will be heading to George Lucas' house.

As for the others, they will be helping Howard clean out his mother's house. But Howard gets into a fight with Bernadette when he refuses to give up his life-size TARDIS from the show "Dr. Who."

"The Young and the Restless": The upcoming week will see the soap taking a number of shocking twists, which includes Cricket filing a wrongful death suit against Nikki and Neil, reported Cricket's marriage will crumble after she accuses Paul of taking Nikki's side, and Kelly goes missing and is presumed dead.

"Stitch and Abby have sex. Ashley confronts Stitch and asks if he is having sex with her daughter. Victoria and Stitch break up. He moves out," the spoilers read.

Find below CBS' NCAA Tournament Schedule for Thursday:

11:00 a.m. - Second Round, Game 1, Notre Dame vs. Northeastern
1:30 p.m. - Second Round, Game 2, Butler vs. Texas
6:00 p.m. - Second Round, Game 3, Cincinnati vs. Purdue
8:30 p.m. - Second Round, Game 4, Kentucky vs. Hampton/Manhattan