A mother in New Delhi has decided to name her child Uber, after she gave birth to the baby in a taxi operated by the popular app-based cab service, reports said.

Shahnawaz Khan, an Uber driver cruising through the Saket area of Delhi, picked up the heavily pregnant woman on Thursday night, who along with two of her women friends wanted to go to a state-run hospital, according to the Times of India.

The pregnant woman, identified as one Babli, developed intense pain on the way and cried out that the baby was coming. The driver of the cab immediately stopped the car and helped the other women with whatever piece of cloth he could find in the car.

The baby was born even before the traffic signal could change, Shahnawaz jokingly told HuffPost India to highlight the traffic congestion in the national capital.

The driver then rushed the mother and child to the Safdarjung Hospital, where both are said to be doing fine.

The family reportedly now has invited Shahnawaz to a ceremony where they want him to formally name the infant "Uber", after the cab company Shahnawaz works for.