A Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) inspector was suspended on Tuesday after the airport traffic control spotted an unidentified drone at the runway of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.

According to the latest reports, the unidentified flying object was seen near the runway even as flights were taking off from the New Delhi airport on Tuesday.

The CISF security personnel, who are in charge of the entire security both inside and outside the airport, failed to notice the flying object entering the airport.

And, by the time the CISF were informed of the security breach near the Dwarka or Raj Nagar side of the IGI airport, the flying object had disappeared, Daily Mail reported.

A senior CISF official told Mail Today they have suspended an officer responsible for the security of the runway.

The report said the Central government is treating the matter as a major security lapse and the concerned departments have been asked to launch an investigation.

A high-level meeting was also held on Tuesday evening, which was attended by top-level intelligence officials, airport officials and CISF officers.

The officials were most upset about the fact that despite the presence of the CISF at perimeter, none of them had any information.

Past incidents 

This is certainly not the first time such an incident has occured.

* Five 'parachutes' were sighted over Mumbai airport in May. The intrusion led to a Jet Airways pilot to abort a flight during take-off. After more than 60 hours after the incident, the police investigations they were helium balloons part of a promotional merchandise were releasd by a firm to mark a cricket tournament.

* In early October, a foreign national created a major security scare after he flew a drone near the highsecurity Vijay Chowk intersection close to Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament.