Crossy Road for mobile is an immensely addictive game, to say the least. Sure we may have been spending more time on the likes of Fallout Shelter, but Crossy Road is still one of the best mobile games currently out there – and no, we don't consider Candy Crush in the same category, so get over it.

Even though Crossy Road is immensely addictive, it can also get a bit of a killjoy at times, since it can get so hard get the points and make your chicken (or doggie, or zombie, whatever) cross the road. However, going by the fact that everybody needs a bit of help sometimes, here's a Crossy Road guide to help you out.

Crossy Road Guide – Tips and Tricks

Keep a lookout on the road to understand the pattern of the cars that are passing by. Cars and trucks appear from both directions at different speeds. It's better to cross somewhere in the middle.

Check the full screen of your phone before crossing for cars and vehicles passing by, especially if it's a multi lane highway. Make sure your fingers aren't obscuring any part of the screen.

Don't spend too much time standing at one point as the game has a habit of penalising you if you stay inactive for more than 3-4 seconds. Don't tap the screen incessantly as well, and make sure you only tap when you are ready to cross the road.

The more coins you earn, the faster you will unlock other characters without simply paying for them. There will be coins scattered throughout the game, but go for one coin at a time to take things easy. Coins can also be earned by completing in-game objectives. You can claim your reward from the title screen.

It's better if you stop looking at the score on top every time. The more you look at it, the more you will be obsessed, and that just might kill your character in the process. Plus, there are certain in-game characters that will change the entire scenario of the game.

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[Source: Prima Games]