Apple has tried its hand out in gaming in the recent past. Don't believe us? Here's an example. But none of those attempts ever produced anything fruitful. Fast forward to 2015. Apple is yet again trying its luck in an industry that, for so long, has been dominated by the likes of Sony and Microsoft, with the PS and Xbox, respectively.

The last, recent generation of Apple TV came in 2013. At that time, fans were excited, since the Apple TV was also a way to detach themselves from the regular cable companies and watch shows via services such as Netflix or Hulu. But the new version, even before it was made official, was primarily tagged as a gaming unit.

Before Apple's press conference, the new version of Apple TV was said to be another focal point for the company, apart from showing off the new iPhones and a new iPad at the event, more so since this was the Apple TV that was heavily touted to arrive with game-centric features.

So what exactly is the new Apple TV offering in terms of gaming? Can it stand against the big boys in the market? Let us take a close look.

Apple TV 2015 Features – Everything You Need to Know

The biggest gaming-focused feature of the new Apple TV has to be its new touch-enabled controller. If you have noticed the Apple TV controllers of the past, you must be knowing they looked a lot like an overgrown iPod, minus the screen. This one, however, offers a touch-sensitive glass surface as mode of input.

While the controller for Apple TV is new and unique, it also bears some resemblance to the PS4's DualShock touchpad. Nonetheless, the touch surface for the same allows users to swipe in the commands, just like they do on an iPhone.

There are several buttons on the controller, as you would expect. These include the menu button, pause button, volume and display slider, alongside the microphone button that users can access to communicate with Siri.

A little word here on Siri before we move on. The Siri integration with the Apple TV will allow users to speak out commands such as "what did she just say", that will rewind any media by 15 seconds. It can also find specific shows if you name the TV show and any actor from that show in your command.

But where's the gaming in that, you may ask. Well, the Apple TV controller can be turned sideways for gaming purposes. Apple surely has made note of all of its past mistakes related to introducing a gaming unit, and this time the company is taking special care to enlist several big names to help out.

For starters, don't expect the 'Battlefield's and 'Call of Duty's to emerge on the Apple TV just yet. However, family friendly titles such as Disney Infinity 3.0 will get an Apple TV compatible version going forward, alongside popular musical title Guitar Hero Live. Apart from that, the likes of Rayman Adventures and Shadowmatic have also been confirmed.

But the gaming aspect of it doesn't only stick to major console-based games in the market. In fact, there are mobile-based games such as Crossy Road that will also be released on Apple TV, fully fitted with multiplayer and co-op capabilities.

But is does seem like major game developers are indeed taking note of what Apple is trying to do with its gaming console. For instance, John Carter of Harmonix also took the stage at the event to announce their upcoming Apple TV exclusive, called Beat Sports.

Game Rant writes: "Beat Sports is a fusion of what Harmonix does best – music rhythm and party games – with sports thrown in for good measure. One example of Beat Sports' mini-games includes one where a player flicks their wrist to the music in order to hit baseballs."

Apple's aim, with the new Apple TV, is to entice casual gamers rather than the hardcore ones, and the price may appeal to a number of folks. While the 32GB Apple TV will sell for $149, the 64GB version will be available for $199. And that's comparatively cheaper, compared to the PS4, Xbox One and even the Wii U.

What kind of an appeal did the Apple TV have on you? Will you go for it when it goes on sale late October? Let us know in the comments section below.

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