Nevada plane crash
A fixed-wing plane crashed into Elko, Nevada parking lot, killing four on board. [Representational Image] In Picture: Investigators at the scene of a twin-engine plane that struck a utility pole and burst into flames in downtown East Hartford, Connecticut U.S., October 12, 2016.Reuters

Four people died when a plane transporting patients crashed into a parking lot in Nevada late on Friday. The impact of the crash led to a fire and multiple explosions.

The aircraft was a cabin-class fixed-wing Piper PA-31 that was transporting a heart patient to the University of Utah Hospital. The plane had taken off from Elko Regional Airport in Nevada's in Elko County.

The cause of the crash is not yet known, reports noted. The plane crashed into a parking lot belonging to a mining company.

The subsequent blaze from the crash affected people and properties nearby, where a casino and a senior housing complex were located.

Several people took videos of the flames following the crash. Sounds of explosions can be heard in the videos. Apart from the destruction of several cars, none of the people on the ground were injured. Several nearby residents were evacuated.

"There were four people on board. It appears that everyone on the airplane died," said John Patrick Rice, Elko City Councilman told the Free Press.

An hour after the crash, fire-tenders were able to contain the fire.

An investigation into the crash has been launched by Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, the New York Daily News reported.