Saravanan Vs Cheran
Saravanan clashes with Cheran.Screen shot from the video

Saravanan, who has been sharing cold vibes with Cheran inside the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house, will apparently have a verbal duel with him in the episode to be aired on Friday, 2 August. The latest promo posted by Vijay Television on its social media accounts indicate that the duo having a clash during the debate among the inmates to decide the best and worst performers of the week.

In the clip, Cheran puts forth his argument that Saravanan did not imitate Vijayakanth's role properly in the task. Responding to his comment, the latter stated that the former looked funny in the role of Rajinikanth.

In the heat of the moment, Saravanan makes disrespectful comment and seen walking towards Cheran in anger. The promo can be seen below:

Rumours are doing rounds that Saravanan and Cheran's argument took nasty turn with most of the inmates putting their weight behind the former. The latter, apparently, got the support of Madhumitha and Tharshan.

However, the netizens have extended their support to Cheran, while severely criticising the rude behaviour and disrespectful attitude towards the four-time National Award winning filmmaker by Saravanan. Check out their reaction below:

raj: Saravan getting overboard .. already has hate on bus incident ... Now this ! He has a right to say cheran is funny as ranjini .. he can atleast give respect ..Looks like he is getting ready for next week eviction #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil3

P K Siva: So the personal vengeance is coming true.... failed assistant director who had a grudge for life on his colleague because of his success now coming out in open

Shyam Sundar: Along with Saravanan, Kavin and Sandy teamed up against cheran in this best performers decider task. Tharshan and Madhu supported Cheran.. Very big fight today

josi: Red card kuduthu anuppungayya indha Aala..
Two wives,Groping in Bus,Behaving rudely to others,nominating #Cheran everyweek & corrupting the minds of youngsters against him & now this disrespectful act..
Who is voting for this c

Panadol: Ohhhhhhhhh..... For a change, it's not the stupid love triangle.
I think this boiled over pretty bad, there r rumors circulating that this went overboard & actions were taken by #BiggBossTamil3 team.

SagiShettyy: I never saw #Cheran Ill-treated #Saravanan, why he always get angry when it comes to #Cheran... we know you are being yourself, by revealing it, I feel very bad to digest... today is the last tweet about you #Saravanan #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil3

Fyda: As #Cheran sir said, except dancing n look wise #Saravanan never attempted to act like vijayakanth. But cheran sir tried 2 act like Rajini. Even if cheran sir was wrong, speaking without respect is not at all acceptable..

Ramya: Ya cos he only knows how to show it #cheran sir as he is a harmless man! If it's tharshan or mugen by now his face might be broken

Riley Aura: About damn time #Saravanan got all gangsta! Been waiting for this moment for a month now. Go Sara, Go & Kill (it).

Mahlini Priscilla: #cheran sir be strong dont get hurt because of this kind of people....#saravanan is just jealous with you and he pouring his poison out this way.
#saravanan just shut up
@ikamalhaasan pls ask kavin, sandy and saravanan whts their problem wt cheran sir.Cheran sir did well rajnisir

raja: this is so rude. have some class #Saravanan
Even after these many years of experience in the industry and your life why do you say all these?