Ananya Panday
Ananya PandayPR Handout

Ananya Panday launched a new campaign called Swachh Social Media on the special occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, today. On her brave step for the campaign, her initiative #SwachhSocialMedia is already trending in twitter and the netizen are hailing the teen sensation for her most significant resolve all across!

Teen sensation Ananya Panday known for her initiative, 'So Positive' has always spoken about how social media bullying has been one major issue and the need to negate it for a positive social media environment. The initiative has already taken the internet by storm. Earlier today, the actress encouraged her fans on social media to take the pledge on #SwachhSocialMedia which motivated people to appreciate the initiative and even they happily joined Ananya in this resolve. In the video, Ananya pledged not to use the abusive language with an intent to hurt anyone on social media.


There are many people including teens, youngsters and even adults who encounter bullies who spew outrageous comments on social media which spreads negativity; across. More so, why a campaign like 'Swachh Social Media' is highly important.

Earlier, actress Ananya Panday on the occasion of World Social Media Day announced her new initiative named 'So Positive' in order to confront social media bullying and now, the 'Swachh Social Media' campaign looks like a significant part of her initiative. Her initiative has witnessed immense support where people from all across have come forward, resonating with the initiative and with the 'pledge', it sure is going to be another step to build a cleaner social media- for everyone.