The upcoming Netflix series "Jessica Jones" based on the Marvel comic character of the same name is all set to debut on 20 November.

With only a month away until its release, fans across the world have been trying their best to find out any possible spoilers from the released trailers.

Movie Pilot has mentioned that there are several hints hidden in the latest trailer of the series. According to it, Stark Tower can be seen at the end of the trailer that clearly means that "Jessica Jones" is set in the same universe as Marvel Cinematic Universe's movies.

Besides, it also mentioned that the series may be linked to the other Marvel Netflix show, Daredevil.

Another distinctive hint in the trailer is use of purple colour that may suggest involvement of the Purple Man, a notorious villain in the Marvel Universe, in the upcoming episodes as the character has been confirmed to appear in the show.

Purple Man, who has powers to manipulate people and read their mind, will be played by David Tenant.

It has been revealed that Jessica was controlled and tortured by the Purple Man for eight months before she escaped from his claws. Jessica first met him when started her life as the superhero Jewel, who had super strength and ability to fly.

However, after encountering the Purple Man, she went through a lot of problems with drugs and alcohol that almost ruined her life. In order to get revenge for what the Purple Man did with her, Jessica will don the costume of Jewel again and will start searching for him.

Besides these two characters, several other characters will be also appearing in the series including Jessica's best friend Luke Cage who is going to have his own Netflix series soon. Matt Murdock from "Daredevil" is also rumoured to appear in the show assisting Jessica fighting the crime.