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Revolving around the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), the new Netflix has been welcomed by viewers with open arms. The show has a list of amazing actors in the cast to play the role of wrestlers. But one actress that caught attention with her topless scene in the ten episode series was Kat Nash.

After making her British musical debut with the hit album Made of Bricks, singer Nash dived into the new Netflix original show, GLOW.

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The show created by the makers of the award-winning show Orange is the New Black and Nash made her debut in the wrestling comedy over the weekend. The 29-year-old oozed of confidence when she stripped down for one of the episodes in the Netflix.

Playing the role of Rhonda, a British model, the songstress shows off her assets in one of the raciest scenes of GLOW. In the scene, Nash strips down to her boxer shorts in front of the character named Carmen Wade, played by Britney Young, while they discuss the new opportunity provided to them by GLOW.

Shit makes sense in the ring ?‍♀️ Fight for your right to wrestle through this life ?

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The eye-popping display put by the actress showed off her incredibly toned body against a light of a night lamp. In the scene, the gorgeous diva was seen taking off her white blouse as she stood in tiny shorts in front of the camera.

The raunchy display did gather some attention online. But before she managed to successfully grab attention with her role in the show, she caught of the creator's attention while she was working on another project.

Talking to Radio Times, the British pop star revealed, "I got a pilot with Jenji Kohan (creator of OITNB and Executive Producer of GLOW) directed by Gus Van Sant, about the Salem witches, but it never got picked up. It was really cool. I was like in the woods shoving sticks up women's vaginas. I felt very at home there! But Jenji liked my work on that, so when GLOW came up I got the part."

GLOW is now available on Netflix online for streaming.

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