Subscription-based video streaming service Netflix, which launched in India and another 130 countries only recently, is now available in 190 countries, but not China.

Now, new users of Netflix will have something new to dig into. Secret codes have been discovered, courtesy Gizmodo.

Earlier, users had to search for movie titles or genres with the exact names, but now they can either manually change the last part of URL, which usually has numbers (like, or go to the link with the list of codes compiled.

Users must note that doing it manually will require logging in to the Netflix account. Gizmodo had revealed that there were about 77,000 secret Netflix genre codes that users can select. The genres include Action and Adventure, Anime, Cult, Documentaries, Foreign Movies, Gay and Lesbian, Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Thrillers.

Interested users can check the full list here. It has been noted that the Netflix catalogue is constantly shifting, and there might be variations between countries.

Here are some of the categories and genres users can make use:

Action & Adventure (1365)
Anime (7424)