Netflix extended its movies and TV shows streaming services to 130 countries last week at CES 2016, but with limited content, which disappointed several users. Here's how you can access the complete catalogue of shows from anywhere in the world, including India.

Most popular shows featured on Netflix in the US, such as "The Flash" and "House of Cards", are not available in India. Netflix is still negotiating to get global licences to offer the same library of shows and movies to the rest of the world. However, users needn't be disappointed, as there is another way to access the unavailable content: using VPN (virtual private network) services.

VPNs are used to add privacy to networks such as Wi-Fi Hotspots and the Internet. But they can also be used to access content blocked in the user's country, making it appear like the user is in the US whereas the actual location is India, according to a Times of India report. This can be beneficial for Netflix streamers in accessing any content offered in the US.

NordVPN is a reliable app for desktop computers. Users can download the app or set up NordVPN on their devices, set the connection to one of the US servers, go to the Netflix official website and log in with their credentials to access all the content.

If you are not familiar with VPNs, there is an app called Smartflix that will do the trick. Available on Windows and Mac platforms, Smartflix lets users access the global library of Netflix regardless of the country you are based in.

Smartflix is free but it will soon charge a one-time fee of $7.99 (approximately Rs 535) as soon as it is out of the beta phase. Users can set up Smartflix with their Netflix login credentials and access the Netflix account setting from within Smartflix.