When Netflix decided to penetrate the Indian market, there was uncontrollable joy. After all, there are but few online streaming services that allow you to watch shows in HD. Netflix's presence in India has been a few weeks old, but the list of TV shows and movies on the website is exhaustive. Netflix recently said it's going to add more shows, including family-centric ones.

If you're in India and wondering what to watch on Netflix, here are a few shows you should binge-watch before the free one-month trial period expires.

Master of None

Aziz Ansari's comedy is evocative in his series "Master Of None". The Netflix orgininal follows the life of a 30-something man as he struggles to make the right decisions, understand his parents and find success as an actor.


The story of Pablo Escobar has been told and retold several times. But the Netflix Original really excels in story-telling and presenting footage of the kingpin's life. The first-person narrative by one from the Drug Enforcement Authorities colours the plot with fear that's very, very real.


This family drama will make your problems seem small. The turmoil caused by the eldest son of the Rayburn family escalates, and everyone's dark secrets begin to spill.

Making a Murderer

If you've not been living under a rock, you would have heard of Steven Avery. This docuseries surrounding the case against Avery and Teresa Halbach is a gripping, compelling story that explores the limitations of the US criminal justice system.


With a brilliant new take on connectivity and belonging, the Wachowski siblings have created a world where eight strangers from different parts of the world see and experience each other. The show is not only compelling to fans of sci-fi, but is also appealing to activists and believers of the world.