Netflix to release Kiss Me First trailer on June 29
The Netflix logo is pictured on a television in this illustration photograph taken in Encinitas, California.Reuters

Netflix is finally releasing its most coveted secret, its viewership numbers. It is being reported that Netflix's original and syndicated programming has been exploding lately, and the streaming giant has shared just how successful its last few months have been.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix's subscriber base has reached 139 million accounts worldwide. Revenue for the last three months of 2018 was up 27 percent, reaching a total of $4.19 billion.

Leading the charge for this success is Sandra Bullock and Susanne Bier's Netflix original thriller Bird Box, which according to Netflix Film's Twitter account has been viewed by over 80 million accounts, up from over 45 million in its first week.

Bird Box Movie
Bird Box Moviebirdboxmovie/Instagram

Netflix has been notoriously private about its viewership numbers. Since it does not function like a regular cable or network service, the streaming giant's process has always been a mystery when it comes to seeing what show would be saved and which would get the axe. But it seems that Netflix is finally taking steps to give us a peek behind the curtain.

Reportedly Netflix's See What's Next Twitter account has been revealing stellar numbers for various shows on the streaming service. You, which initially struggled as a Lifetime thriller, is on pace to be viewed by over 40 million members in its first four weeks on the service. Sex Education is similarly on track to reach over 40 million accounts by the end of its first month. Elite, a Spanish-language original, has reportedly been viewed by over 20 million accounts in its first four weeks.

Apparently, while these are largely projections, they are based on account viewership, not on individual viewers. Keeping in mind that many subscribers share their account with others and that not all people viewing these programs are doing so alone, it can be assumed that the total amount of viewers is significantly higher than the account total.

Reportedly, earlier this week, Netflix announced it would be increasing prices for all of its streaming subscription plans.