Netflix dismissed Jonathan Friedland, its chief PR for using N-word
Jonathan Friedland was fired for using racial slur in meetingsCnn

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in an internal memo has announced that they are letting go of Jonathan Friedland, their top communications executive person. The memo stated, "Jonathan contributed greatly in many areas, but his descriptive use of the N-word on at least two occasions at work showed unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity and is not in line with our values as a company."

Jonathan Friedland worked for the giant streaming company for the past six years as the chief communications officer. The reason for his dismissal is because of "insensitive" remarks he made to his team. In a meeting, it is reported that he used N-word with other Netflix staffers. Later some of them reported the incident.

Jonathan Friedland, previously worked for Disney joined Netflix as VP global corporate in February 2011 and then promoted as their chief communications officer. While working for Netflix, Friedland took care of media and content publicity for all the Netflix's original series which includes films as well as specials in all over 190 countries. Before joining Netflix, Friedland worked for The Walt Disney Co., as senior VP corporate communications. He also acted foreign correspondent as well as editor for Far Eastern Economic Review and The Wall Street Journal.

Friedland tweeted: "I'm leaving Netflix after seven years. "Leaders have to be beyond reproach in the example we set and unfortunately I fell short of that standard when I was insensitive in speaking to my team about words that offend in comedy. I feel awful about the distress this lapse caused to people at a company I love and where I want everyone to feel included and appreciated. I feel honoured to have built a brilliant and diverse global team and to have been part of this collective adventure in building the world's leading entertainment service,"

The company still hasn't named any replacement for Friedland.

This isn't first-time entertainment community took action against racial comments. Previously ABC also cancelled Roseanne's show because of a racist tweet.