Kangana Ranaut and Kareena Kapoor Khan

The nepotism debate has gone on for much longer than anybody expected. Perhaps, this is a new dawn for Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut has been continuously battling the 'nepotism' in Bollywood in her own way, and ironically alone. 

This question that Sushant Singh Rajput brought to the fore, was one that Bollywood would be haunted by for a long time. Now that Kareena Kapoor Khan has commented on nepotism, Kangana Ranaut has something to tell her, or at least her team does.

Kareena Kapoor Khan on nepotism in Bollywood

In her recent interview with Kareena Kapoor Khan as she completed 21 years in Bollywood created a stir. Speaking to Barkha Dutt during the interview, Kareen said, "21 years of working would not have happened with just nepotism. It is not possible. I can take a long list out of superstars' children for whom it's not been able to happen that way." 

The actress said further that even if people might not get it, despite her privilege, she has still had her share of struggle, "There is a struggle but it probably is not as interesting as somebody who comes in a train with just Rs 10 in his pocket. Yeah, it's not been that and I can't be apologetic about it." One of Bollywood's top actresses, Kareena put the onus on the audience who choose their stars and makes or breaks them. 

Kangana reacts to Kareena's comment

Kangana Ranaut who has been extremely vocal on her stand against nepotism found Kareena's opinion to be flawed. Kangana has taken on big names so far since Sushant Singh Rajput's death. Another strong-willed actress, her team wrote on Twitter, "Yes Kareena ji, audience has made you all rich and famous but they didn't know after getting undeserving success you all will turn Bollywood into Bullywood." 

Kangana Ranaut tweet

She further put the questions — "1) Why your best friend asked Kangana to leave the industry? 2) Why Sushant was banned from big production houses? 3) Why they called Kangana a witch and Sushant a rapist? 4) Why your ecosystem call Kangana and Sushant Bipolar? 5) Why your fellow nepo kid after promising marriage filed criminal cases on her? 6) Why Kangana and Sushant isolated in the industry never called for any parties? No one wishes them on their film releases birthdays or successes?" 

Some might call it a matter of perspective. Either way, it might be best to let the 'audience' decide.