Protesters gather shouting slogans after burning a motorcycle during a general strike in Kathmandu January 20, 2015. The general strike was called by various opposition parties, including the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to demand that the draft of the new constitution is done on time through consensus.Reuters

Opposition members in Nepal's Parliament turned violent on Tuesday, throwing chairs around and even attacking the Speaker, as they protested the drafting of the new constitution by the ruling coalition.

Nepal has been struggling to bring in a new constitution for long, but has faced hurdles, including the collapse of the Constituent Assembly.

Tuesday's violence broke out when Speaker Subash Nemwang was to propose the formation of a questionnaire committee ahead of voting on the constitutional draft, which is slated for later in the week.

Opposition members threw chairs, toppled desks and hurled microphones at the Speaker, according to Associated Press. Several security guards were injured in the attack.

Violence was also reported outside the Parliament, as protesters attacked buses and taxis, setting vehicles on fire, after 30 Opposition parties called for the strike.

The opposition is demanding that views of all parties be considered while drafting the constitution.

In Kathmandu, about 50 protesters were detained by the police.