A man cries as he walks on the street while passing through a damaged statue of Lord Buddha a day after an earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal April 26, 2015.
A man cries as he walks on the street while passing through a damaged statue of Lord Buddha a day after an earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal April 26, 2015.Reuters File

Several countries across the globe have come forward to help the Nepal earthquake victims, as the death toll from the earthquake, two days after the tragedy, rose to 3,218 on Monday.

According to the United Nations, more than six million people across Nepal have been affected by the 7.9 earthquake that hit the Himalayan region on 25 April. Thousands have lost their homes and have been forced to live on the streets because of the threat of further aftershocks.

The Nepalese government through its National Emergency Operation Centre is coordinating relief help with global agencies.

Villages of up to 1,000 people reportedly have been levelled and the aid agencies are still trying to get in touch with survivors.

Nepal's closest neighbours India and China have sent in substantial support, and the United States along with a host other countries have come forward with aid to assist Nepal.

What is India Doing?

India already has dispatched disaster-response teams, medical aid and food supplies to Nepal. On Saturday, four Indian Air Force planes brought in a team of 300 disaster-management personnel and a mobile hospital. Indian air-force helicopters also are assisting in rescue efforts and distribution of food.

In a bid to map the scale of destruction, India already has dispatched UAVs.

India also has sent in 13 military transport planes loaded with food, blankets, tents and other aid. Indian Air Force have been evacuating stranded tourists, including several foreign nationals from Nepal.

China pledges $3.2 Million in Aid

China pledged $3.2 million (20 million yuan) to relief effort. The relief funds are in addition to the $300 million economic aid promised earlier this year, which some see as an effort by China to increase its influence on the Himalayan region, the Hindustan Times reported.

China has also sent a 62-member search-and-rescue team, six rescue dogs and 20.5 tons of relief supplies.

United States promises Immediate Financial Aid

The United States has promised to provide $1 million in immediate assistance to Nepal. A US Disaster Assistance Response Team also has been dispatched to Kathmandu.

Canada sends Specialised Military Units to Assist in Relief Work

Ottawa announced that it will be contributing $5 million to relief efforts. Besides that, the country will be sending in an advance team of experts, who will assess the situation and deploy resources including military units that deals with natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies. Canada also has sent in a shipment of emergency supplies, CBC reported.

Israel Dispatches 122 Doctors

Israel also has sent in an advanced search and rescue team and emergency medical supplies. For the rescue efforts, the country has sent in a 260-member mission to provide immediate search-and-rescue help. Israeli military also has sent in a medical team of 122 doctors, nurses and paramedics along with 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies, Times of Israel reported.

Other Countries too Join in

The United Arab Emirates has sent in an 88-member search-and-rescue team, besides deploying the Emirates Red Crescent team. United Kingdom also has promised a 7.6 million aid package.

France has sent an 11 member rescue team on Sunday, while Australia has announced a $5 million aid package. Norway has pledged $4 million in aid.

Switzerland also has sent a team of experts including a doctor, a building surveyor and water quality technician.

A United States disaster relief response team of almost 70 people is expected to arrive on Monday, according to Susan Parker-Burns, a spokeswoman for the United States Embassy in Kathmandu. 

Comprehensive list of organisations that are collecting funds to aid victims that you can support:

  1. The Government of India.
  2. Oxfam.
  3. UNICEF.
  4. CARE.
  5. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  6. Samaritan's Purse.
  7. Save the Children.
  8. World Vision.
  9. The American Red Cross
  10. Catholic Relief Services
  11. Convoy of Hope.
  12. The Foundation Beyond Belief.
  13. The Gurkha Welfare Trust
  14. Habitat for Humanity
  15. Help Nepal Network.
  16. Islamic Relief.
  17. Handicap International.