Earthquake again
A man speaks on his mobile phone after an earthquake in central Kathmandu, Nepal, May 12, 2015.Reuters

Nepal was struck again by a massive earthquake on Tuesday within weeks of  the devastating 7.9 quake on 25 April that killed more than 8,000. 

Tremors were felt as far as India and Bangladesh, while quakes were also reported in Afghanistan and Indonesia. 

The epicenter of the 7.3 magnitude quake on Tuesday was close to the Everest base camp near the Nepal-China border. 

As in the previous quake, news of the earthquake and tremors first broke on Twitter, as several Twitterati who felt the tremors posted accounts on the micro-blogging platform. 

Several tweets captured the panic and fear that the fresh quakes triggered in India and Nepal. 

Here are some Twitter posts that showed the situation from the ground -