Earthquake survivor Pema Lama
Earthquake survivor Pema Lama, 15, is rescued by the Armed Police Force from the collapsed Hilton Hotel in Kathmandu.Reuters

Even five days after the horrifying earthquake in Nepal, rescue operations are still underway in the country. 

While more than 5,500 people have been declared dead following the earthquake, rescue operators have found some "miracle" babies, who somehow survived under the rubble for hours.

A four-month-old baby boy, Sonit Awal, was rescued 22 hours after the earthquake from a destroyed building in Bhaktapur.

The health condition of the kid is said to be stable without any internal injuries.

At least 22 hours after the earthquake struck Nepal, a miracle emerged from the rubble. CNN has obtained these powerful images showing a four-month-old boy being rescued:

Posted by CNN on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Another kid, Rajkumar Shreshta was also rescued after his house in Yanglabor village collapsed. The three-year-old has suffered minor injuries. 

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Mirke Tamang, 9, survived with a fracture after his home in Sindhupalchowk collapsed on Saturday following the terrible earthquake. However, his two brothers, who were playing with him before the disaster, were found dead.

Sujal Bhujel, a 5-year-old kid has survived the quake with a head injury even though his house collapsed in Chartana, Sindhupalchowk. "No one gave me anything to eat for three days," he said, according to the The Times of India. 

Pema Lama, 15, who survived for 120 hours under the rubble, was rescued by the Armed Police Force from Hilton Hotel, which collapsed on Saturday in Kathmandu.