Amid ongoing protests over Indian trade blockade, Nepal has blocked all Indian news channels in the country.

"All Indian news channels blocked in Nepal," ANI tweeted on Sunday.

Nepal had once blocked the Indian TV channels earlier over the trade blockade. In September, Nepal blocked telecast of all Indian television channels in protest against the blockade, imposed just a few months after the Himalayan nation was badly hit by a massive earthquake in April.

The trade blockade has caused acute shortage of fuel and cooking gas, and also affected hospitals as they are running short of supplies, including medicines. Schools and colleges in Nepal are shut due to the blockade.

The Madhesi people in the Terai region of Nepal had in September imposed a blockade on the Indo-Nepal border, particulary in Birgunj, where most of the trade between the two countries happens.

The Madhesis are protesting against Nepal government's new constitution, passed on 19 September, in which they claim to have been left out. The Indian government has also expressed displeasure at the new constitution.

The Nepal government has blamed India for the "unofficial" trade blockade, claiming India is supporting the Madhesis — a disadvantaged group in Nepal that is ethnically, linguistically and culturally linked to the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

However, the Indian government has refuted the allegations, saying it has nothing to do with the ongoing protests by the Madhesis.