Actor Ram Pothineni was left anguished over a TV channel's bad review of "Nenu Sailaja", and could not stop himself from expressing his disappointment over the alleged propaganda.

"Nenu Sailaja" released in theatres on Friday and received positive response from both critics and viewers. The movie debuted to superb collection at the box office, and turned out to be the biggest opener for Ram. But a day after its release, a Telugu TV channel aired its review of the film, in which it claimed the movie was yet another flop in a series of failures of films starring Ram.

Ram Pothineni was all thrilled over the overwhelming number of congratulatory messages from both audiences and critics, but this bad review has upset him. He is apparently well aware of the motive behind the alleged propaganda of TV channel, which reportedly has problems with the producers of "Nenu Sailaja".

However, it was deeply discouraging and disappointing for Ram, who had suffered severe setback following a series of flops in the recent past. The chocolate hero, who is usually soft spoken, blasted the TV channel without mincing words on Twitter.

Without mentioning the name of the TV channel, Ram tweeted: "Ivvala, Producer tho problem vunte Thappu Reviews..Repu, Politician tho problem vunte Thappu News ivvadam correct kaadu.. (sic)". Meaning: Today they have a problem with a producer and they publish a bad review, and tomorrow they have problem with politician and they air bad news about him. This is not right.

Ram then went on to caution the TV channel. He wrote: "Running a News channel is a Huge Responsibility! I/We the people TRUST the News channels for Unbiased News, be it abt Cinema or in General.. I have Utmost Respect for This News Channel.Hope they keep up with their standards and not lose the Trust of the People. #Love :) (sic)"

The actor concluded his outpuring saying "Nenu Sailaja" was doing well in all the places around the world, contrary to what the channel had said. Ram tweeted: "On a lighter note, #NenuSailaja Okka channel lo Thapa Worldwide anni places lo Baaga run avthunandhuku chaala anandamga vundhi!Love u all :) (sic)"

However, Ram did not maintain the channel's name as he apparently did not want to spoil its image. But many film goers, who were also upset with the channel, posted the YouTube link to the channel's review and blasted it. Here are couple of Twitter comments.

If you have not watched TV5's review of "Nenu Sailaja", here is the video featuring it. Watch it and tell us your opinion about it the in comment box below this article.