Neil Patrick Harris and David Bartka
Neil Patrick Harris and David BurtkaReuters

In a very quiet, private and family affair, "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris exchanged vows with partner of over 10 years, chef and actor David Burtka.

The news was broken by Kelly Ripa on "Live with Kelly & Michael" on Monday morning while explaining why she missed Joan Rivers' funeral.

"I spent the weekend in Italy, I went to a destination wedding -- the wedding of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka, breaking news!" Ripa revealed. She added that the event was "very quiet, very private, very family affair..." She probably wasn't even supposed to talk about it, but added, "No Neil said I could talk!"

Harris himself announced the wedding on Twitter with the tweet:

Ripa said that the couple rented a castle in Perugia, Italy for the ceremony, at which Sir Elton John performed amid fireworks and magic tricks. The ceremony officiated by the producer and director of "How I Met Your Mother", Pam Fryman, was attended by Harris and Burtka's fraternal twins Gideon and Harper as the "Orange Boy" and the flower girl, respectively.

Although it may have been made official only two days now, the Harris-Burtka family has been enamouring us with their perfect family photos for a long time now.

For Burtka's birthday this year, Patrick posted an adorable picture of the twins clamouring all over him along with the post, "A heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful @DavidBurtka - the best dad in the world. I'm so glad you were born!"

David Burtka with Gidean and Harper
David Burtka with Gidean and HarperTwitter/Neil Patrick Harris

They are adorable just being themselves, but for the holidays, especially Halloween, the family is just picture perfect.

This picture below came on Halloween 2014 from Harris, along with the post: "Have a spooktacular night! Here's our family Halloween pic (via @projectphotoboo): Well done, @DavidBurtka!"

HaloweenTwitter/Neil Patrick Harris

Being playful doesn't stop at dressing up for Holidays for this couple.

For his birthday, Harris was sent on a "lengen-wait-for-it-dary" week-long scavenger hunt two months before his actual 40th birthday. It began with an anniversary party where Harris received puzzle pieces, which, when assembled, directed him to the garden where he dug up a mini iPad.

The hunt included a trip to Vegas, clothes from Tommy Hilfiger, training with Cirque du Soleil, massages, amazing food, a train to Harris's family in Albuquerque, a trip to Disney World, rope courses, and ending with another surprise party at the late-night theatre hit "Sleep No More" that involved a serenade by Burtka of "Open Arms." The whole thing was live-tweeted by Harris. 

"I've dug up locked boxes, driven to Vegas, trained with @Cirque folk, eaten amazing food, and now am on a train to ?? @Davidburtka rules!" 

The couple has definitely stepped it up a notch for red carpets and public appearances. Here is the couple in Tom Ford suits at the Tonys.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Bartka
Neil Patrick Harris and David BurtkaInstagram/Neil Patrick Harris

And, while there may be Tonys to be won and movies to be promoted, what it all comes back to, for Harris and Burtka, is their family. The former posted a picture on his instagram profile with the caption: "Good to have the family all together again."

Neil Patrick Harris and David Bartka with Gidean and Harper
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with Gidean and HarperInstagram/Neil Patrick Harris