Neenade Naa
A still of Prajwal Devaraj from "Neenade Naa".Neenade Naa Twitter Page

"Neenade Naa", which is also spelled as "Neenadena", is the maiden production of veteran actor Devaraj. The Kannada film made on their banner Dynamic Visions has his son, Prajwal Devaraj, along with Priyanka Kandwal, playing the lead roles.

The expectations are very high from the film as it is made on Prajwal Devaraj's home production. His father Devaraj has given a good publicity to "Neenade Naa". Hence, the Sandalwood movie is releasing in good number of screens.

The title is inspired by an opening line from a song from the film "Murali Meets Meera" and the name clearly tells you that it is a romantic-comedy movie. "Neenade Naa" is directed by Kandhas and it has Arjun Janya's music. Ankitha, Doddanna, Avinash, Pavitra Lokesh, Bullet Prakash and others are in the cast.

Early Reviews:
The early reviews for "Neenade Naa" on the social networking sites were not encouraging. People, who are watching live, gave negative reviews about the Kannada film.

Read some of the live tweets posted by viewers about the film below:

Shashiprasad SM posted:
#DynamicHero #Devaraj sir the first Veerappan on screen debuts today as producer

#NeenadeNaa U cert @PrajwalDevaraj. Running time 145 min

#NeenadeNaa Wondering whats happening!!!

#NeenadeNaa Finally a twist in d tale. After an hour!!! Putting me to sleep Zzz. Praying fr an early interval..

#NeenadeNaa Very Dissapointing n lethargic My take 2*/5*

S Shyam Prasad tweeted:
#NeenadeNa is out of control. Waiting for it to crash any moment. Only interest left is the number of casualties

#NeenadeNa the runway is downhill, so the chances of aeroplane taking off is bleak

#NeenadeNa the lead character Is too good to be in a modern film

#NeenadeNa Prajwal is an aspiring director whose idols are KV Raju, Kasaravalli and Shankar Nag

#NeenadeNa starts with toilet jokes

#NeenadeNa 2/5. Prajwalge inge yaakaagutto paapa