Need For Speed: No Limits Is Not Without Limits; EA Charges For Virtual Fuel
Need For Speed: No Limits Cars Need Fuel From Your Real Money

Electronics Art (EA) made headlines when the next iteration of popular car-racing game, Need For Speed: No Limits, was confirmed for Android and iOS.

After much anticipation, the game developer is back in the headlines, but for wrong reasons. Everything from Ken Block-featuring trailers to new cars seems to be dangling with its business model. The maker of Dungeon Keeper has brought the wait-to-play model into NFS: No Limits for mobile, bringing a slew of carps about the new game.

EA's latest Need For Speed game is not globally available but some regions have already seen the iOS version in action. According to Crave Online, the game publisher is charging players to fuel up their race cars in order to continue racing. There is an alternate way out, but that requires patience as gamers will have to wait for an extended period of time to refuel their cars for free.

The game is out in some non-English speaking regions, but the publication got hold on some screenshots that show a countdown to refuel the car and a store where players can purchase gold. It may be too soon to jump into conclusions but quite frankly EA's business model for yet another great series is nostalgic.

There has been a storm of comments against EA's business model on Reddit, with people complaining that the wait-to-play concept doesn't sit well with the game's title.

EA is expected to release the Android version of the game some time in spring. Like the iOS version, the Android game will also follow a similar business model. We'll know more when the game actually hits the market globally.