Need for Speed 2015, the open world racing video game, is the latest from the popular Need for Speed franchise that was released on 3 November, 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The game comes from publisher Electronic Arts and developer Ghost Games. The game returns with urban underground street racing that will introduce players to Ventura Bay, a fictional place with wide city streets, narrow mountain roads and more.

Need for Speed features better visual customisation options, customised handling tuning, performance upgrades and redesigned wrap editor that will give players a high level of customisation.

Along with it, players will see a range of manufacturers with various cars from BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Nissan, Acura, Toyota, Lamborghini, Lotus and so on. The game opened to mixed reviews.

For players of Need for Speed, there is a need to know easy ways of making some quick money and reputation that will help them to progress in the game.

Below are some of the tips, tricks and guide that will help players: 

One of the easy and quicker ways of making money is a place called Torque of Town; it will give players not only easy money but also higher reputation.

This event entails players to participate in a limited-time race with the clear objective of beating the target time (2.47 minutes). A player participating in the race will be able to earn $8,000 and 30k Reputation.

Gamepur warns players of not hitting any of the other vehicles as it will take away the objective money. This even unlocks early in the game.

Tips, Tricks and Guide to Handling

In Need for Speed, players will be able to customise their cars, and if they want to fare well in the race or drifts, then they need to fine tune the performance and handling aspects of the car.

Gamepur reports on three different types of outlook:

  1. Driving without drifting
  2. Changeover into a drift
  3. Behaviour while drifting

Each of the sliders will affect different cars in different ways as they have dissimilar base handling. It must be applied to situations that need the application.

Drift Stability Control

It is noted that Need for Speed will, by default, have Drift Stability Control slider switched on. It will start with 'pick-up-and-play' drift style. But toggling off these controls will give players some direct controls that will help them during drifts and sharp turns but with the likelihood of spinning out of control if they overdo it.

But toggling off the controls will give players a higher score in comparison when you have toggled it on.

There are three things that players need to keep in mind when they toggle off the controls - drift angles, sharp turns and control. If a player does not release the throttle on time, then they will lose control of the car.

Braking Drift Assist

It is noted that this game will by default have the 'tap brake and steer to enter drift' controls enabled.

Though this will allow drifting, players will have to invest more effort in this slider. This will enable players to have good breaking control allowing them to tackle corners in a better way.

Players are advised not to tune their car to drifting ride as it can spoil the controls that have been set by the player.

Handbrake Strength

A player with an intention to drift cannot use strong breaks as it will logically lead to a full spin. A balance between handbrake and torque will do the trick for them. A weak handbrake will be sensitive to the player's control when he drifts. It will help in maintaining speed that is needed for the drift.

Steer Range

These have all the sliders that a player would need to put in a perfect drift car with the right tuning. Similar to the old schools where grip and handbrake are handy during drifts, a player must concentrate on Grip, Steer Range.

Front/Rear Tire Pressure

These too have all the sliders, where a player concentrates on Grip, as it does not matter if it is applied on the front or the rear as it will not change. Applying more grip on the front helps players during the turning speed.

Guide to Free Parts Location

Player of Need for Speed need not depend solely on the in-game money to have their cars upgraded. Developer Ghost Games has added free parts across the Ventura Bay map, which will give them the chance to do it free of cost.

A total of 12 free parts have been identified by Gamepur. But these are in various parts of the map, and the guide below will make it easy for players to find it. These free parts will be found in 12 pickup trucks waiting for the player to take it. Every district in Ventura Bay has two such hidden free parts.

Free Parts in South Port

  • Free Part 7: EL Manifold
  • Free Part 8: Decatted Race Exhaust

Free Parts in Burnwood

  • Free Part 1: Supercharger Elite-Tune SC V1 TUNER
  • Free Part 2: Intercooler w/h 31×8

Free Parts in El Rey

  • Free Part 9: Fully Adjustable Brakes
  • Free Part 10: Fully Adjustable Handbrake

Free Parts in Crescent Mountains

  • Free Part 3: Clutch with 0.1 s gear change time
  • Free Part 4: Time Fill Nitrous 5 lb capacity

Free Parts in Royal Park

  • Free Part 5: Aftermarket Fuel Pump
  • Free Part 6: Drop In Filter

Free Parts in Franklin Terrace

  • Free Part 11: Aftermarket Camshaft Elite 4 243 inch
  • Free Part 12: Elite Tuning Ported Block v.2 Engine Block

 Collectible Types

Need for Speed 2015 has several types of Collectibles and it comes from EA's belief that players can deviate from races and earning money, and benefit from the different collectibles at their disposal, reported Gamepur.

There are four types of collectibles in Need or Speed's new version: 

Vista Spots: There are 30 such spots in the map (search for the camera icon). Players will have to head to these places, park their cars and take scenic snapshots.

Donut Spots: There are 30 Donut spots in the map that allow player to burn their tyres against the roads. Players need to create a perfect circle of burnt rubber.

Free Parts: There are 12 such locations in the map waiting on 12 pickup trucks. There are two in every district. Locate them and grab the free parts.

Car Challenges: The yellow markers on the map are indicators of racing challenges, which can be taken up any time you need. The city has 51 such drivers. Defeating these players in the challenges will earn players Reputation and rights.