The Need for Speed (NFS) series is probably one of the most popular racing videogames of all times. Yes, its rise to prominence isn't something out of the blue. The series has been around for a long time, and is still rocking the charts worldwide. 

As you may have heard, a brand new NFS title, called Need for Speed 2015, is set to hit stores this November. It will take the player into the thick of things in Ventura Bay, with the player trying to establish his name in the racing world.

But before the official release, let's take a close look at the game.

Need for Speed 2015 – First Look

  • Reports have suggested that the new game has a lot in common with the games in the series from the past, especially Most Wanted, as far as an open-world composition is concerned.
  • Players will be racing around the city to locate events that will be available in a number of places. Apart from that, there will also be online-integrated events where players can challenge their friends, aside a single player campaign to build up your reputation.
  • If you are looking to enter an event, it's quite simple. The player will just need to drive up to a starting point and press the shoulder button. Moments later, he should find himself in the midst of a new race.
  • The demo for the game that was earlier put out for this year's E3 focused on just Drift and Race. As far as a simple Race is concerned, the player will take on a number of competitors racing through the city streets, with the help of tactical navigation and boosting.
  • For Drift, however, it seems like players will need to be a bit more skilled. They will need to use the drifting techniques to achieve a first-place knockout position. As of now, EA has also confirmed that there are other events in the game, both online and offline.
  • That Need for Speed will support offline play is good news, but it will be limited to the game's campaign mode. Hence, it's advisable that players get an online connection to get the most out of the game's social features, such as real-time multiplayer challenges and Daily Challenges.
  • Players will earn experience points over the course of the game for each race they participate in. There are different ways to earn experience points, like drifting for greater periods, reaching top speeds and more. The game may feel like a Hot Pursuit rehash, but developers Ghost Games has put in quite the shift to make the game more polished.
  • There's also now the snapshot feature to show off your driving skills. If you get enough likes on your photo in the community, you could also be open to exclusive in-game items.
  • The game is said to offer the most in-depth engine customisation, compared to all other NFS versions. Players will be able to make a number of changes to their cars, with the option to tweak almost every part of the car with ease.

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[Source: Prima Games]