"Need for Speed" released in 2014 was loosely based on the Electronic Arts video game franchise of same name. Despite the fact that it was heavily panned by critics, the movie was a financial success internationally and was loved by fans across the world.

According to Cinema Blend, although the movie, which starred Aaron Paul of "Breaking Bad" fame, didn't do very well, it seems that there are studios that are interested in the franchise and are looking forward to develop a sequel.

Deadline has stated that three Chinese studios — Jiaflix, China Movie Channel, and 1905 Pictures — are planning to collectively make a sequel to the 2014 movie. According to the website, the studios might be inspired by "The Fast and the Furious" franchise and hence they may decide to move ahead with the project.

The latest movie in the "Fast" franchise, "Furious 7," made $392 million in the opening weekend when it was released last year. Though "Need for Speed" reached nowhere near that degree of success, the studios are undoubtedly positive about the response the sequel may get. The movie had made only $43.5 million in the domestic market, although it did significantly well in foreign countries, making $159 million more, $66 million of which came from China.

The Chinese trio of companies had previously helped revive the Transformers franchise by financially backing "Transformers: Age of Extinction." They seem certainly positive about reviving "Need for Speed" as well, especially when the "Fast" franchise continues to be in trend.

No official confirmation has been made available yet. However, Cinema Blend has stated that DreamWorks studio is looking forward to pass the torch to the Chinese companies soon.