Need for Speed: Rivals (Credit:
Need for Speed: Rivals (Credit:

Electronic Arts has announced the release dates of its much-awaited racing game title, Need for Speed: Rivals, for the next-generation consoles - Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.

It has been noted that the next-gen console versions of NFS: Rivals will be rolled out after it hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 19 November. Following are the details of the release dates for the next-generation consoles in different regions.

North America:

Xbox One - 22 November 2013
PlayStation 4 - 22 November 2013


Xbox One - 22 November
PlayStation 4 - 29 November

The release date of the game title has been strategically placed along with the release of Microsoft Xbox One in both regions. The game will arrive after a week's release of PS4 in N.A (15 Nov. 2013) and on the same day of its release in Europe, according to Joystiq.

It has been also understood that the Need for Speed: Rivals in-game map is bigger than its Most Wanted version by over 100 miles of open roads. "The world of Redview County is bigger than Most Wanted and well over 100 miles (16X16 km) of open roads," stated Ghost, the game's developer.

It has been also mentioned that the roads are specifically designed for cars to be driven over 200mph along with shortcuts. "It is a place designed specifically for driving in the world's best cars at speeds over 200mph. There are also different shortcuts not shown on the map for you to find," teh developer added. 

The game will have the player appearing as both cop and racer. As a cop, the player would have to complete certain assignments which include NOS slams, taking down racers, busting three racers and other challenges. As a racer, the player would have to escape pursuits, perform drift challenges and others while grabbing the attention of the cops.

The challenge detailes can be viewed in the video below:

[Video Courtesy: eavision/Youtube]