Fans of Need for Speed will be disappointed, as the developer of 2013's Need for Speed Rivals, Ghost Games has said that the next Need for Speed title will only release in 2015 and there will be no game from the popular racing video game franchise in 2014.

"We've made the decision to not release a Need for Speed in 2014, so we can work towards a highly innovative Need for Speed in 2015," said Marcus Nilsson, executive producer and GM of Ghost Games in a post on the official website.

In a post thanking the fans for making the game popular and successful, he said that the dedication of the fans makes the studio to do more. He also said that the studio is passionate about the game and will improve upon it constantly, bringing out "games that push the boundaries of technology and innovation."

"Ghost Games is working on innovative new chapter of the franchise," echoed Andrew Wilson, ceo at EA during the financial call, CVG reported. EA has "planned an extended development window to ensure a high quality experience for NFS players next year".

He also revealed to fans in his post that the studio is "deep in development" on the next title from the franchise and promised that apart from listening to the fans, the game will be the one that they have been asking for.

But the developer which will be making the next Need of Speed said that fans will constantly be hearing from the studio as it wants their input on the "future gameplay and features."

The last game, Rivals suffered various issues on performance on both console and PC platforms.

The racing video game franchise has seen worldwide success since the first game launched in 1994. The most recent among them is Need for Speed Rivals, which was the twentieth installment in the series. It was released for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in November 2013.