The much-talked-about Lal Jose movie, "Nee-Na" (Neena), starring Deepthi Sati, Vijay Babu and Ann Agustine, has finally hit the screens.

"Nee-Na" is reviewed as yet another classy attempt by the ace film-maker. Like his other films, director Lal Jose has managed to get his narration right this time too and thereby "Nee-Na" has managed to get some highly positive reviews from the critics. 

Besides the performances, it is the technicalities including the cinematography and editing, which has managed to capture the interest of the critics.

Another noticeable aspect of the film is said to be the background score by Bijibal and songs by debutant Nikhil Menon.

Here are the reviews of 'Nee-Na' by various critics:


A complex tale of emotional interplays,that is 'Neena',Lal Jose's latest offering.A film that starts and end as the tip of an iceberg.Human mind is unfathomably deep and emotions have more to it than meets the eye.'Neena' is as the title indicates is a tale of two women,Nalini and Neena.But Neena is the pivot and it is all about an extraordinary woman who causesebbs and flows in the tranquil life of a happy couple. 'Neena' leaves a lot of questions unanswered, but then it tries to take a slice out of life shorn of gloss.

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The approach of the movie towards the story is very realistic and the presentation style is also different. The star of the show is none other than the new face Deepti Sati and the whole credit goes to the director for the courage of giving this bold – title character to a new face. The actress thus made her debut remarkable with this great performance.

Chemaban Jose again proved that he is an essential element of all recent successful Malayalam movies. Ann Augustine also did justice to her character and as the male lead Vijay Babu also performed well in this movie. The comedy of Vinu Mohan also worked well here and the lady doctor role of Lena is also good. The story also says the importance of family in our life and that is the moral of the movie Nee-Na.


Lal Jose, the maker of films like Meesha Madhavan, Achanurangaatha Veedu, Diamond Necklace, Ayalum Njanum Thammil, etc once again proved his classy way to portray the movie without any boredom; but delivering a good experience to audience.

Deepthi Sati; former Miss Kerala, who portrayed the role of Neena in the movie; has made her debut appearence with a powerful role; executed in a must applauded manner.

Ann Augustine on the other hand, portrayed one of the strongest role in her career; making a great comeback to films after taking a short break.

Vijay Babu, on the other hand, has came forward with a great role; which will be remembered in his entire career. He, who showed his talent in Philips and Monkey Pen, has now came with yet another proof that he is not a man to restrict as a producer only.

Selection of other casts were also brilliantly done; in which Chemban Vinod Jose, Lena, Vinu Mohan, Sunil Sugatha, etc are well exploited.


The screenplay beautifully narrates the story of two women, who are extremely different personalities and a man, who gets caught between them.

The first half is engaging with the interesting developments in the plot. But the second half, which revolves around the rehabilitation of the lead character, looks more like a documentary. But at the same time, it doesn't give a preachy feel for the audience.

Lal Jose has done a brilliant job with the perfect casting and wonderful narration of the film. He once again proves that he is a one kind of filmmaker, who can surprise his audience with the versatility of the subjects he picks.


Laljose could have tried something to reduce the excessive drama that was there in the script. He hasn't made the movie look dull, but still the kind of enthusiasm Nee-Na offered through its trailer was missing in the film.

I liked the way R Venugopal wrote the delicate complications in relationships. They were less cheesy and more realistic. But the dramatic feel you sense in the rest of the portions in a way is a burden for the inexperienced actors.

As they couldn't convey those lines with the required depth, the sentiments don't really work out. And also I don't think the movie has given that much of space to Nalini to justify its tagline. Jomon T John has done a nice job with his frames. Music was fine and the background score was also impressive.