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"NCIS" season 12 is reported to go on floors in July and, based on season 11's finale, it is being speculated that in the new season Mark Harmon's character Agent Gibbs would be dealing with his father's death.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Gibbs may have to confront his own mortality, now that his father has passed away. He won't be as invincible as in previous seasons, reported Stabley Times, hinting details about Gibbs' character in season 12.

Meanwhile, regarding "NCIS" season 12's premiere date, Rocky Carroll suggested that it would go on air anytime time after April 2015.

"We begin shooting the end of July and wrap up our 24th episode the end of April. It takes eight business days to film one episode. Our normal day runs from 12-14 hours, but it really doesn't feel like work to me because I truly love what I do. I'm sure you could line up people from one end of the country to the other who would also like to be in my position, working 14 hours a day to make a TV show," Breathcast quoted Carroll telling New England Golf Monthly.

Furthermore, it is said the Gibbs' mysterious second wife could be seen in season 12.

Gibbs' first wife was Shannon, who was killed with their daughter Kelly. Though Gibbs has still not come to terms with the loss of his first wife and daughter, his elusive second wife is sure to add some drama.

"I can promise you that [the mystery wife] is probably going to be touched on in season 12," showrunner Gary Glasberg told TVLine. "I have a little tiny space on my Dry Erase board for stories for next season, and that's already up there."

Specluations are rife that Harmon's real life wife Pam Dawber could end up playing his mysterious second wife. Glasberg further said in the interview that viewers would love to see Dawber on the show, though he is not sure if it would happen this season.

"That'd be fun," he stated. "Every year someone says, 'Maybe Pam will [be on the show],' and every year it doesn't happen. I have a feeling that's a tall order, but it's worth a phone call."

Apart from Gibb's mysterious wife, there is another character whom the fans want to see in season 12 Ziva David - Cote de Pablo played Ziva in one of the episodes in season 11. She was portrayed as Tony Di Nozzo's love interest. However, her appearance in season 12 is highly doubtful.

"A lot of people have approached me about the idea of not shutting the door entirely on [their staying in touch], and I'm not opposed to it. But it has to be done in a way where it feels organic to the storytelling and we're not just throwing in lines about Ziva here and there," Glasberg said in the interview to the website.